For mission-critical business operations, ensuring the performance and availability of IT operations is very important. Typically these are done manually, based on the user's acumen, and lack data-driven decision making. This becomes more difficult with the growing volume of data, devices, applications, and processes, as users can't keep track of every transaction, performance log, event, system failure, outage, etc. like routine IT operations incidents. In this scenario, businesses fail to analyze all data in real-time, implement automation for routine tasks, and forecast the demand surge and they also can't take data-driven decisions.

And, this is where AIOps come into play. It's a specialized software that connects with your cross-vendor, cross-platform applications, and devices to access real-time data from different sources. Then, it cleans and transforms the data using its built-in big-data analysis tools, uses Machine Learning to train the system and analyze the patterns, and then presents the analytics to the user. Users can see the patterns, identify the issues, see the forecast, and make informed decisions. And, that's all in near-real time on their screen.

Why Unique Features of AIOps Matters?

  • Multi-data sets

API-based integration to access data from cross-vendor, cross-platform application stacks, and devices

  • Big Data

Removal of redundancy, data cleaning, enrichment, and analysis of voluminous data sets in real-time

  • AI & ML

AI/ML for data analysis, operations monitoring, anomaly detection, forecasting, and automating routine tasks.

  • Real-time

Real-time data analysis to help users take data-driven and accurate decisions quickly

  • Self-healing

Many of the routine tasks are automated, events, alerts/notifications are sent where manual actions are required.

  • Reporting

Dashboard for different types of analytics and reports, viz. technical reports, and performance reports to different users.

How Enterprise can Benefits from AIOps?

  • Ease of life for users -as it monitors and analyses all data sources
  • Forecast and meet urge in demand using predictive analytics
  • Spend less on manpower as it has self-healing mechanism
  • Take accurate decisions with real-time reports and analytics
  • Improve IT infra performance, productivity with less downtime

AIOps software is laced with advanced and new technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML. It monitors the IT operations, performance, and logs of applications and devices at a much faster speed and with greater accuracy than its human counterparts. With data analysis, you can make better predictions, and with automation you can detect issues and eventually manage the scalability of your IT operations in real-time, and with ease.