• Effortlessly address fluctuating demands and skill gaps with us. Analyze your existing and required workforce, and bring right talent—whether in-house, external, or consultants—into your proj

  • Achieve your business objectives with precision - by leveraging end-to-end staffing services, a large talent pool, data-driven HR operations, training and upskilling, and a curated plans.

  • Harness the true potential of talent acquisition with TAC vendors. Through streamlined processes, they minimize costs and turnaround time while attracting the best global and local talent.

Why Staff augmentation services

Staff augmentation allows enterprises to bring in the specialized knowledge for specific projects or work and manage the sudden increase in the workload, or shortage of required skills. By hiring a vendor for Staff Augmentation, the enterprise can fulfill its temporary staffing requirement with precision and flexibility. When they experience fluctuating demands, they can easily increase/decrease the size of the workforce without bothering about the long-term commitment of hiring additional full-time employees. Overall, you can:

Analyze, identify existing & required workforce

Right talent - in-house talent, external, consultants

Sooth onboarding & integration with existing team

Train as per your specific project needs

Ensure timely project completion & within budget

Monitor the performance of the augmented staff

Your Challenges

    • Finding & retaining top, specific talent
    • Managing fluctuations in workload & strength
    • Maintaining a competitive edge
    • Skill gaps in the existing workforce
    • Delivery in tight deadlines & budgets

Our Solutions

    • A pool of talent with varied skills
    • Easily up/down scale, no long-term commitment
    • Ability to adapt to changing business needs
    • Tailored hiring & training programs
    • Mixed use of AI/Robotics & human workforce

Your Benefits

    • Timely & efficient project completion
    • Reduced recruitment, labor costs, & compliance
    • Reduced risk of falling behind the competition
    • Better workforce capabilities & productivity
    • Timely delivery, meet budget & deadlines

Why Learning and Development (L&D) services

It is necessary to manage and maintain a fleet of skilled, and cost-effective talent pools who are equipped with the necessary skill set and expertise to meet your business objectives. And, here comes a need of having a vendor that can offer curated learning and development (L&D) programs to ensure your workforce delivers innovative services and solutions. Outsourcing helps you to optimize the training and development cost and free up your internal resources from administrative work. Overall you can:

Identify the specific learning and development area

Develop customized training curricula

Training programs using a variety of modalities

Get specialized, trendy/latest skill set

Evaluating the effectiveness of training program

Manage L&D programs, scheduling, tracking, reporting


    • Limited internal expertise in L&D
    • Limited budget & no effective plan
    • Unable to manage changing L&D needs
    • Deliver customized L&D programs
    • Inability to administering L&D plans
    • Access to new tech & digital tools


    • Specialized tech-enabled L&D programs
    • Low-cost solution & expertize
    • Solutions that adapt to changing needs
    • Delivered customized L&D solutions
    • Managed all aspects of L&D programs
    • Learn new tech. & digital tools


    • Bring required skill set & best practices
    • Optimum usage of company’s L&D budget
    • Easily respond to re-skilling needs
    • Easily meet specific business objectives
    • Reduced burden & focus on main KRAs
    • Prepare a future-ready workforce

Why TAC management services

Having a skilled workforce helps organizations drive sustainable and long-term success. But hiring, and onboarding that talent pool and then training and retaining them are costly affairs. So outsourcing it can help you optimize the total cost of acquisition (TAC), onboarding, training, and retaining the required pool of talent. TAC vendors not just reduce the cost, but also streamline the process, and increase the likelihood of attracting and retaining top talents. Overall, you get:

Streamline: Reorchestrate process to minimize costs & TAT

Recruitment: Identify and select the best global/local talent

Onboarding: Effective framework, plan, tools, & approach

Training: Targeted L&D programs to address gaps

Retention: Strategies to retain top talents

Compliance: Comply with all labor laws, avoid penalties

Your Challenges

    • High recruitment & selection costs
    • Inefficient onboarding processes
    • Skill & knowledge gaps of employees
    • Difficulty retaining top talent
    • Labor laws & regulations compliance

Your Solutions

    • Cost-effective strategies, tools, & campaigns
    • Plan for quickly integrating new employees
    • Targeted L&D plan to address gaps
    • Strategies to retain talents/li>
    • Compliance monitoring & reporting

Your Benefits

    • Reducing recruitment costs, better ROI
    • Improving employee satisfaction & productivity
    • Increasing employee performance, retention
    • Retaining valuable knowledge
    • Reducing the risk of financial penalties