• Keep your applications running seamlessly, and optimize performance tuning with us. Manage critical server components, and handle storage management, monitoring, repairs, and backups.

  • Get high-performing network infrastructure with our Network Operations Center (NOC) solutions and benefit from optimized performance and availability, issue identification, and resolution.

  • Safeguard your business with outsourced SOC services and leverage the expertise of skilled security professionals who manage and monitor your security infrastructure around the clock.

  • Elevate support quality and automate routine tasks with the latest tools and technologies by using our Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Get higher CX, reputation, and more opportunities.

Why IT operations

Ensuring seamless operation requires a team of personnel specialized in relevant skills and experience. If you wish to build it in-house, then this requires special expertise, time, and cost which most businesses cannot manage. It deviates them from focusing on their core competencies and strategic things. So the best thing would be to outsource it and get low-cost solutions quickly, as vendors are able to leverage economies of scale by sharing the same resources across multiple customers. Overall it offers:

Server: Easily manage critical components

Network: Get an always-running & high performance

Storage: Manage, monitor, repair, & backup easily

Applications: Keep all the application running always

Database: Maintain operation & performance tuning

Systems: Manage devices, updates, & performance

Your Challenges

    • High IT operation costs
    • Limited IT Resources
    • Focus on core operations
    • Scalability & agility
    • Monitoring & maintenance
    • Rising security risks

Our Solutions

    • Our managed services
    • Team with specialized skills
    • Outsourcing IT operations
    • Automation, analytics, & AI
    • Framework for maintenance
    • A range of security solutions

Your Benefits

    • Truly low-cost solutions
    • IT performance & availability
    • Focus on core competencies
    • Meet changing business needs
    • Reduced system downtime
    • Immune against cyber threats

Why Network operation center

Maintaining a high-performing network infrastructure requires a specialized team of IT professionals with the right skills and experience. This often requires a significant investment of time, resources, and effort, which many businesses may find challenging to manage in-house. A Network Operations Center (NOC) is a solution that can help organizations manage it efficiently. The NOC vendor monitors network performance, identifies and resolves issues, and strives to improve efficiency and security. Overall, you get:

Cost effective NOCs solutions by experts

Optimized network for performance & availability

Monitoring tools, best practices, techniques, etc.

Proactively identify & resolve network issues

Reduced downtime & improving network performance

Get 24/7 monitoring & support Services


    • Network visibility & monitoring
    • Network security threats & vulnerabilities
    • Limited in-house network expertise and resources
    • High cost of in-house NOC
    • Complex network Infra. & Tech.


    • 24/7 monitoring, analysis by NOC team
    • AI-based monitoring, threat analysis, alerts
    • Access to a team of skilled/ specialized, experts
    • Cost-effective NOC services
    • Automated & AI-driven tools & techniques


    • Quickly resolution of network issues
    • Improved network security & performance
    • Enhanced network availability, and scalability
    • Low NOC costs & more ROI
    • Improved efficiency, less human error

Why security operation center

A Security Operations Center (SOC) protects businesses from dynamic security threats, and vulnerabilities, and ensures business continuity and compliance. Establishing an in-house SOC can be challenging and expensive, and may require significant investments in technology, infrastructure, and personnel. Outsourcing SOC services can offer several benefits, including 24/7 access to cost-effective expert security professionals, use of advanced, automated, tools, and technologies like, threat intelligence, and analytics. Overall, it offers::

SOC services managed by skilled/specialized teams

Process and framework for cyber security management

Variety of tools for threat detection, response, analysis

AI-based monitoring tools, automation, best practices.

Reducing downtime & improving security posture

Get 24/7 security support, meet compliance

Your Challenges

    • Security threats & vulnerabilities
    • Limited in-house resources & expertise
    • Regulatory compliance & audits
    • High costs of maintaining in-house SOC
    • Complex security tech & infra.
    • Visibility into incidents & events

Your Solutions

    • Threat intelligence, quick response
    • A team of skilled, specialized experts
    • Best practices, audits, & reporting
    • Cost-effective SOC operations
    • Automated tools, & analytics
    • Managed incidents, events & alerts

Your Benefits

    • Enhanced security & reduced risk
    • More threat detection & response times
    • 100% compliance, no risk of penalties
    • Reduced security management costs
    • Better threat detection, human error
    • No risk of incidents going undetected

Why technical assistance center

Enhanced technical assistance not just increases the customer experience but also builds the brand reputation and brings more cross-sell and upsell opportunities. So outsourcing the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) enables business access to the latest tools, frameworks, and technologies so that they can focus on their core areas. The vendor typically provides technical support to customers from a centralized center consisting of several interconnected components - help desk, chatbot, knowledgebase, ticketing system, troubleshooting, etc. Overall, it offers:

Helpdesk: High-quality support by trained professionals

Chatbot: Automated routine support, freed manpower

Knowledgebase: Articles, FAQs, etc., less human workload

Ticketing: Track & manage customer support requests

Incident reporting: identify & address recurring issues

Remote: Diagnose/ resolve technical issues remotely

Reporting: Monitor KPIs, & make data-driven decisions

Your Challenges

    • Provide 24/7 tech. support
    • Support in preferred languages
    • Keep up with the latest technologies
    • Ensure consistent support quality
    • Provide tailored solutions
    • Seamless multi-channel support

Your Solutions

    • Tools/Tech for 24/7 support
    • Multilingual, use translation tech.
    • Invest in training & automation
    • Standardize procedures, quality checks
    • Use a flexible support model
    • Use modern communication tools

Your Benefits

    • Better Cx, & problem resolution
    • Increased loyalty & brand reputation
    • Effective & efficient Tech. support
    • Consistent & reliable support quality
    • Improved customer retention,
    • Increased satisfaction & productivity